Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Questions Broaden Student Perspectives

By Jared Gorfinkel, Intern 

The Physician Assistant program at the Miami Dade College Medical Campus invited YES Institute to open a dialogue on gender and orientation with over 60 of their students. Much of the discussion centered on gender and gender transitioning as the students began to explore ways in which these topics could impact their workplaces: How should I provide care and interact with patients of varying gender identities? What is “intersex” and how is it different from “transgender”?

YES staff member Sky Guilbaud and volunteer speaker Krysta shared their experiences and answered questions, allowing the students to broaden their notions around gender and orientation.

"Very educational and informative. The dialogue opened up new ways to approach situations involving gender identity via illustrations and real life examples of hardships experienced by patients who went through a gender transition."

"I was relieved to see that YES Institute does not assume that all church-goers are anti-gay or overly judgmental. As a person of faith, I find that this is automatically assumed when in fact it is a major stereotype. YES Institute is bigger than race, religion and gender. It's all about people. Incredible program. Keep doing what you do!"

"It was really important for me to hear all of this information, and now I think I have more compassion and understanding toward the transgender community. In the future I will know how to welcome a patient with this experience."

Joseph speaking with 60 Physician Assistants at Miami-Dade College

Friday, September 14, 2012

Lotus House Blossoms with YES Institute

YES Institute speakers and staff with Lotus House team.

Lotus House women’s shelter in Liberty City invited YES Institute to open a series of Community Dialogues with guests and staff about the topics of gender and orientation and their relationship to suicide prevention and healthy development. Many participants shared personal insights after the conversations:

“This dialogue gave me a better understanding of the gay and transgender community, of how they feel and what they go through in life, and the consequences of society’s actions and behaviors.”

“It didn’t hurt to speak up and share sensitive topics in my life, because today I realized that everybody has them.”

“There are so many labels, and I am going to try to not label myself anymore.”

“I now understand that cultural sensitivity requires time and more dialogue.”

Lotus House operates a stylish thrift store in Midtown, and is producing the acclaimed Art Live Festival in Wynwood coming up in October. Proceeds from the store and festival fund programming at the non-profit women’s shelter.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Partnership with Adrienne Arsht Center Spotlights Education & Culture

The Adrienne Arsht Center and Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project has invited YES Institute to partner in an initiative engaging the Greater Miami community in an ongoing conversation about issues of bigotry, bullying and intolerance.

From August 4th to November 4th, the Arsht Center will bring together organizations from all over Miami to participate in a county-wide calendar filled with performances, education programs, and public forums, all of which culminate with Ballet Austin. According to the Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project’s website, Ballet Austin is “a full-evening [of] contemporary ballet that turns the spotlight on discrimination and the ultimate triumph of the human spirit.”

YES Institute is proud to be partnering with the Adrienne Arsht Center for this project and will be leading two courses on gender and orientation topics during this three month period: Gender Continuum™ on September 22, and Deciphering the Matrix of Orientation™ on September 23. Through our partnership with the Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project, YES Institute will bring conversations on these topics to the forefront through communication and education on gender and orientation.