Monday, June 2, 2014

First Steps of a Leader

Brandon’s family thought they had a daughter. When Brandon turned 16, he courageously told his family that he knew himself to be a boy. His family wanted a way to understand what Brandon was going through, so they came to YES Institute.

They started taking courses in May of 2013, and have since taken every course we offer. Empowered with a new way to understand gender and share his powerful story, Brandon has become a speaker with YES Institute and is using his voice to bring education on gender everywhere he can.

At 17, Brandon wrote a letter of gratitude to his YES Family. He collected his savings and donated $100.00 to YES Institute. We are so inspired by his generosity and his leadership that we have created a new giving category called Junior Leaders.

If you’re inspired by Brandon’s leadership join us at the next YES Institute Young Professional Society event to hear more about Brandon’s story and learn about YIYPS. It’s happening at Havana 1957 in Brickell on June 4th, from 6pm to 9pm. To RSVP follow this link to the Facebook page or email