Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sit Down With Our Interns

by Deanna Saunders, Communication Coordinator

Intern Niki H. works with Caro, YES Institute's Project Facilitator

University of Miami medical student Nikhil B. says, “Although I’ve done coursework on the doctor-client relationship, nothing prepared me for communicating with a diverse client base like my internship at YES Institute.”

Since 2007, over fifty interns worked with YES Institute staff toward the shared purpose of keeping all youth safe. The commitment of our interns made it possible for us to reach 4,425 people last year.

"I didn't expect to be so emotionally invested. I saw parents reconnect with their kids during YES Institute courses."-- Erin P., former YES Institute intern

Interns have the opportunity to learn and practice a new model of communication that can strengthen personal and professional relationships. One intern experienced a “break-through” with her father during her time with YES Institute. She said, “My dad believes it’s wrong to be gay and didn’t want me to intern at YES Institute. We used to fight about it a lot. With the new communication model, I can share my viewpoints and listen to his without reacting in anger. He stopped using gay slurs around me.”

YES Institute interns learn about gender and orientation through their experiences with youth and families.  Erin P. says, “My professor knows I worked closely with transgender youth as a YES Institute intern. Now he turns to me in class for information. He calls me ‘the gender expert’.”

"If I can learn this much in a month, I can only imagine what I'll know by December." - Natalie G., current YES Institute intern

Lauren, who interned after working on Wall Street, regained her sense of purpose sharing her personal story at YES Institute courses. She shares, “I saw that there was a reason for lonely moments in my past. My internship empowered me to use my experience to help others.”

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